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Seeking out a counselor for talk therapy is often precipitated by something happening in life, something that gets your attention. It matters less whether the problems stem from external sources (people or situations) or whether the discord is rooted in your attempts to cope – which in turn, have brought about adverse consequences. The common denominators are the feeling of discontent, pain and suffering. These feelings are not usually ones we would elect to have and often, there is a desire to escape them. This is the paradox of trying to escape painful feeling: ultimately, we cannot do it. Pain has a way of getting one’s attention. It wakes us up.

If you have had this “wake-up call,” why not look at this as an opportunity to open yourself to powerful new ways of being in your life? Working together on the concerns you bring to counseling, we will focus on new ways to develop and live life more consciously, tuning in to your true inner values – what matters most to you. Living and acting from the conscious “true” self, is also one of the most helpful ways possible to improve your relationships with important others, as you journey through this life.